Saturday, 23 April 2011

A New, New Begining

Have you ever dreamt of knowing what the writers of your favourite blog sound like? I can't help with that, but I can plug the brand new Walruscast available at your local Internet, just ask for
Join Myke, Balai and Andy on a marvelous adventure through time and space. Who is this mysterious Andy? Figure it out.

Basically we have a new website, which features a podcast. I might edit a link to our iTunes store page into here when we get approved. Probably not though.

I leave you, this one final time (for reals this time), with a more links all to the same site, and one final song quote. Goodnight kiddies.

You were born into a strange world

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Post to End All Posts

We're a year old now. Can you believe that? I can't. In contrary to usual human policies, I'm going to be honest with you all for a bit. Here at Space Walrus I have many jobs, this I don't mind, because it means every couple of weeks I get to give myself a ridiculous new title - my current, and favorite, being 'Creative Director of Creativity and the Creation Thereof' - one of these jobs is to act as an outspoken prophet, bringing words of a divine nature to the populace at large. This is both my favorite and least favorite job, because it means that occasionally I have to make admissions like the following:
We have been here for just over a year now, and have basically nothing to show for it, and probably never will. All of us have long since moved on to new projects and ditched this one. All we have is some back end work and some (pages and pages and pages...) writing. If you were to compile and run Zombietopia it Will boot to a plain cornflower blue screen and will accept two inputs, the Esc key of the back button on a 360 controller. Both inputs close the window.

Consider this a confirmation that a Space Walrus Game will never happen. Very sorry for wasting your time. Any post following this will likely be a plug for one of the aforementioned other projects. Oh, and, happy holidays.

Thank god it's fatal

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Of Deception and Addiction

Once again I have been deceived by forces unseen, but very real, the promised shipping of posts hasn't arrived. I spoke to the mail couriers this morning on the phone and they insist that no packages of a wordly nature have been handed to them. Despite this I will do my best to forge ahead.

The problem is that I know exactly why this situation has arisen. It is well documented that me trying to quit World of Warcraft is like throwing cold sausages at a ceiling. I may try and try, but it never sticks.
This time around, rather than venture into Azeroth alone I finally managed to coerce my compatriots into taking the plunge along with me. So now the entire Space Walrus team are hooked on the thing. I don't mind this, I for once actually have a number of people that I can group with on a regular basis, but it does mean that very few people are doing... well, anything. I'm not even sure that anyone other than me has logged into our wiki in about a month (this is, admittedly, not a departure from the norm, but it sounds bad to people who don't know that).

Thinking of you closing the bar down

Friday, 23 October 2009

Only What You Have Come to Expect

It's been quite a while, hasn't it? This feels odd, but as I construct a needlessly long sentence like this, and extend it further with a comma like that, well, I just have to admit that it's all coming back to me now.
I'm a criminal, I know.

According to powers that be, it is my sacred duty, and mine alone, to resurrect this blog after each of it's many hiatus hiatuses hiatii extended periods of outage. So here we are. I'm assured* that after this ritual has been performed the flood gates will open, Balai will release a barrage of posts that have been chambered for quite some time, and this blog will, once again**, become a vibrant and content rich place.

*Read: don't expect this to come to fruition
**I am willing to accept that this may be pushing it slightly

In a couple days I'll post something with meaning, I have some of the good old 'games as art' topics swirling around in my head. It might be nice to get those out in the open. As for now, this is your lot.

I want to push this beyond a peaceful protest

Thursday, 6 August 2009

So little time

Well, I finally found time to post. Not that I blame anyone or thing (other than myself) but, on with what I've been up to.
I suppose I should start with something related to Space walrus games, so I will. Iced has the most recent version of the code currently but, this hasn't hindered me from tinkering with C# and XNA.
As far as I can tell most of the games that come out of XNA generally have a fairly short development cycle. I say this because it would seem that a lot of games that have come out of XNA seem to be primarily sprite based and while this isn't bad it makes for mostly 2D or simple graphics games. I have no particular problem with this but, I hope our game can use quite a lot more than the average stuff (whatever that may be).
Moving on.
I've also been playing many games as is my way. The short list includes the following:
X3:Terran conflict, Sword of the stars, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of Chernobyl and Clear sky, Bioshock, Shadowrun and Mass Effect.
There are of course more than that but, I cant be bothered to go through all of the games I play.
'nyways ( What a weird way to start a sentence) I have quite little time and yet still have time to be bored. I was going to rant about something but, I've forgotten what now and couldn't care less about whatever it was now anyway.
I need a cup of coffee.
That is all for the now.